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Blood Is Thicker Than Fences

      Meet Sean R. McDaniel. He has been donating blood over 20 years. For Sean it all began at his office when one day they were having a blood drive and he decided to donate. At the time he never was aware that donating blood would be so critical. Sean only thought was it would just go into a blood bank and nothing more. Little did he know it is a major part of organ transplantation. Though over the years he never knew how truly vital his donations were he continued taking time out of his busy schedule to donate. Then one day he was asked if he would consider donating platelets and without a second thought he said yes. Donating platelets is at least a two hour process but even so it didn't stop Sean from giving as often as his schedule allows. He does it freely and makes it a point to take time out of his busy day to make sure he donates. He is not only a neighbor he's a life saving hero. I wonder if Sean ever gave a true second thought that he would save his neighbors life someday? A young family with two girls and a baby on the way had just moved in next door to Sean and his family. Within two months of moving in the neighbor would go into labor and have serious complications. She would need several surgeries and a transplant. What was so unusual about the surgery is the average transplant needs about 24 units of blood. But his neighbor actually used a record breaking 119 units of blood for her life saving transplant. Two months after her surgery she was able to wake up from a coma and see her son for the first time. She finally made it back to her new home. One day while the neighbors were talking over the fence. Sean began to tell the couple how he was tired he had donated blood and platelets. She was so grateful to him and explained how much blood it took to get her through only one of her surgeries. Whether or not Sean's blood runs through her veins it doesn't really matter. They share a special connection. See, without that blood she would not have survived. So its true blood is not only thicker than water it's thicker than fences.

Thank you Sean for sharing your inspiring story and your giving spirit.