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About Us

Hello. My name is Michelle Orive and I am a organ transplant recipient. I am the President and Founder of the Rush To Live Organization. As for me, mine was a worst case scenario. I was extremely healthy, and never had any kind of serious illness. I was very active, health conscious, and non-smoker. I had never even taken aspirin for a headache. But at age 39, after giving birth to my son, I became extremely ill slipped into a coma and was placed on life support. I had gone into multi organ failure. By the time I arrived at the only transplant center that would accept my case due to the severity of my condition I was in end stage liver failure, respiratory distress and my kidneys had shut down. How could it be I didn't drink ,smoke or take any form of drugs prescription or otherwise. But there I was with what was classified as Fatty Liver of Pregnancy. I underwent brain surgery when I began to hemorrhage into my brain, a liver transplant, surgery to my stomach and pancreas, my kidneys shut down and I lost my gallbladder, and my lung would collapse twice. When all was said and done the Doctors at Rush University Hospital had performed Medical Miracles.

But that Miracle would have not happened had it not been for my 24 year old male donor. Due to financial and insurance limitation I had to implement self reliance and self education to be able to take hold of my life again and recover. And that is exactly what this organization deals with now. Real everyday personal, financial, and psychological issues, using real world solutions and educational resources. We are here to answer questions and if unable to do so refer you to a place where you can receive the answers you are in need of. We are here to motivate and inspire you to make a conscious decision on what your choices are. And make available the most possible resources. To assist in the best recovery


"Success is not option it is a decision"

MIchelle Orive

To contact Michelle directly email [email protected]